Folding sawhorse

Hey chaps!

In this post I’ll make some a pair of folding sawhorse. It’s very useful in the garage or outside in the yard and if you do not need them you can just fold them and store behind the shelf.

Here is the design, it’s pretty simple, but the key is the mortise and tenon join which holds tight all the pieces.

2015-11-14 16.46.59

sizing: 90 cm  (height) x 60 cm (width)

Tenon & Mortise joint

To ensure the wood join is strong and will resist to the pressure I’d used the tenon and mortise joint to create the frame.

A couple of months ago I’ve build a pantorouter  (based on the plan purchased from here) which is just perfect for this job. Until now I haven’t had the opportunity to use it properly in a real project so this will be the first time I’m creating a tenon and mortise joint for good.  The pantorouter  principal follows the pantograph mechanism with a router in it. Basically it’s used to route shapes from 2x sized templates. If you are new to this topic just search through the internet or follow the link I’ve provided.

Calibrating the mortise and tenon templates takes a while but once it’s done you can replicate the same work piece over and over again.

Cutting the tenon

Cutting the mortise

Once the tenons and mortises are ready, you just simply have to glue all pieces together.

To join the two legs I’ve used a two hinges. I’ve also mounted a chain between the legs to limit the opening angle.




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