Garage Workbench Lamp

In this post I’ll illustrate how to make a lamp for your wood workbench in a few steps. The lamp is only for workshop and it’s built mainly from leftover pine wood.

The most complex part is to make the lampshade, the rest is very basic stuff. To cut the shade I’ve glued together two circles, one with 25 cm and another with 15 cm diameter and turned them on the lathe.

Once the lamp shade was ready, I’ve glued a holder support to the bottom and drilled a hole for the bulb.

I’ll jump to the final product now and  I’ll skip the lamp stand building part because it’s a very basic boring woodworking task.

Here we are, this is the workshop lamp which can be easily fixed in the workbench dongles and rotated in any direction and angle.

2016-03-01 20.06.11

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