Winter gifts

I’m a bit late with this post, but the truth is that I didn’t have time to write this blog.

These small gifts are very handy and easy to make if you own a laser engraver.

You have to choose carefully the branches, some of them may crack very bad after dries ( e.g. hardwood like cherry, beech…). I’ve picked birch wood for this project, it’s soft wood, looks nice has white bark and never cracks. If you still want to use hard wood make sure the wood is dry enough ( ~ 10-12 % humidity).

After cutting the wood slices you just have to resize the selected image in order to fit your workpiece. I’m using corel draw with laser engraving plugin for editing and engraving.


I’ve used 400 mm /s engraving speed and 30% of the laser power (80W).

And in a few seconds the gifts is ready !


Afer attaching a small string and a wooden ball it looks just amaizing.


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