Lego (wood) man is back !

Hey Guys ! Kids always likes lego figures so in this post I’ll show you how to build a  “lego man” out of wood. It’s jsut a fun project so I’ve used some leftover pine wood from the shop.

I searched the web to find a right lego man right design  and then printed the 1:1 sketch  to A3 sheet. The ones from below looks quite handy.

lego design

After a fair amount of cutting and sanding I’ve manged to make the all the parts.

Photo 15-11-2016, 20 39 33

To make the head I’ve rounded a piece of wood on the lathe, then assembled all piece togheter without any glue.

Photo 17-11-2016, 19 50 13

To mark the eye I’ve used the Laser Engraved with tht rotary support.

… and here we go, the leg man is ready !

Photo 21-11-2016, 19 49 11






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