Iphone Retro Audio Amplifier

This post is quick tutorial describing how to make a retro audio ampifier for you mobile phone. The amplifier is passive so you do not need any electronics just the pice of wood. The project creates a replica of the Amplio product using beech wood instead of bamboo.

The amplifer is made of six 10 mm thick beech lumber layers. Each layers are cut out on the CNC router and then glued toegheter. The hole to fit mobile phone is a bit wider so you can use various mobile devices as long the speacker is at the bottom.

Cutting the layers on the CNC router

To have a perfect cut you need a CNC, otherwise you’ll have to build diferent templates to ensure you can produce equal pieces.

Before jumping to machining the workpiece, let’s take a look at the design.

The design is made in Vectric Aspire and has 6 layers. The first and the middle layers are two-side machined.

Once the design is ready just turn on the router and start the job. If the setup is correct you should end up with the below pieces.

After finishing all the cuts you should have six perfect layers you can glue toegheter.

Once the glue dried apply two coat of varnish and the amplifier is ready to be used.






IPhone Sound Amplifier

Hey Guys ! This a one of my older project and unfortunelty I do not have too much pictures showing the building process, but I’ll try to compenstate this with a detailed description. In terms of duration this was a quick project it took me 2 afternoons to complete.

The idea !

The idea wasn’t mine, this project was more about building a replica of the below picture. I’ve seen this project for the first time on the kickstarter website  and I’ve found it quite challenging to try to build one.

Here is the original link.

Walnut Trobla and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
kickstarter iphone ammplifier project

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical that this “thing” can work so I was more than motivated to try to build one.

Building the amplifier

I’ve started off with building 5 different size of circle templates (jigs) to be able to use my hand router to cut out the holes.

circle jig
circle jig

Speaking of materials I’ve managed to find some oak timber so this was the choice.

After I’ve finished to cut out all the 5 circles I’ve changed the router bit to a 45 angle bit with a follower ring and routed the edge of each circle.

This being done, I glued togheter all the 5 pieces and after a bit of sanding I’ve ended up with the below picture:

iphone wood amplifier
iphone wood amplifier
Final steps

To plug in the phone I’ve made a grove to fit an iphone 5. The back part can be detached so it’s quite easy to adapt to iphone 6 which is wider. (unfortunately I have not picture with this part)

When the central part was ready I had the idea to put some wheels to each side :). The wheels were made from remained oak timber and were rounded on the lathe.

After a couple of days I had the idea to do some further enhancements to make it even more usefull. The problem I’ve noticed was that I couldn’t keep my iphone in the amplifier ‘all the time’ (e.g. during the evening) because I had to take out to charge. To solve this issue I’ve managed to integrate the charger cable into my amplifier.

The enhancement came with two great things:

  • you could use the amplifier to charge your phone
  • if you set the morning alarm the wake up sound will be amplified and you and your neighbors will jump out of the bad 🙂 . I’m joking, it’s not that loud, but it’s quite nice.

iphone sound amplifier

Before wrapping up I’d like to post a couple of pictures related to similar topic.

Ipad support

This is a 20 minutes project so I have no picture just the final product. The short story is that my kids are ‘ipad’ maniacs’ and love to watch cartoons on the ipad. Before building this support they always improvised to find variouse objects to hold the ipad in vertical position.

I’ve used some left over pieces of wood (oack and cherry) and cut them on the circular saw. I haven’t followed any design, I’ve just built what crossed my mind. 

After the glue dried, I did a bit of sending and applied 2 coats of finising paint.

Here we are: Wood Ipad support in 20 minutes !

ipad supportipad supportiphone sound amplifier

I hope you’ve enjoyed !