Clothes Drying Stand

Hi all! I haven’t posted for a while but now it’s time to get back to work.

This time I’ve made a clothes drying stand out of brich wood. The old one, made from metal pipe has broken so I had to make new one.

You need aporx. 7 meter of 2×4 cm stock. The frame size is 110 x 50 cm and the legs are 115 cm long. The frame joint has to be very strong because there will be lot of presure from the weight of the wet clothes so I ‘ve picked the handcut figner joint to do the job.

When glue the joints make sure to clamp everithing in square.

I’ve applied the same technique to build the two small frames, but for the legs I’ve used a classic tenon and mortis joint.

Once all the pieces were ready I’ve stained the wood and applied 2 coat of polyurethane varnish.


Voala, here we go!  Simple, quick and easy.