Lego (wood) man is back !

Hey Guys ! Kids always likes lego figures so in this post I’ll show you how to build a  “lego man” out of wood. It’s jsut a fun project so I’ve used some leftover pine wood from the shop.

I searched the web to find a right lego man right design  and then printed the 1:1 sketch  to A3 sheet. The ones from below looks quite handy.

lego design

After a fair amount of cutting and sanding I’ve manged to make the all the parts.

Photo 15-11-2016, 20 39 33

To make the head I’ve rounded a piece of wood on the lathe, then assembled all piece togheter without any glue.

Photo 17-11-2016, 19 50 13

To mark the eye I’ve used the Laser Engraved with tht rotary support.

… and here we go, the leg man is ready !

Photo 21-11-2016, 19 49 11





How to make a Kendama

Kendama is an old japanese toy similar to a cup-and-ball game. The principle of these toys are to catch one object with another where both  are joined by a string. The original kendama is made out of hard wood to ensure the ball is heavy enough to provide the right balanace during the game.

The toy has three parts:

  • the main body called ken
  • the middle cone part called sarado
  • the ball called tama

In this post I’ll show you how to turn a kendama using segmented wood on the lathe.

To prepare the segmented wood I’ve glued together 10 piece of 6mm thick ash and walnut slices and let them dry for 24 hours.

The diameter of kendama ball has to be 60 mm, so I’ve turned a 60 mm diameter and 65 mm long cylinder. To turn the ball I’ve used an inexpensive homemade jig made of a large cylinder which has a 60 mm conical hole in the center so it can fit my 60mm cylinder.

Once the cylinder is secured in the jig you have to mark the equator using a compass. This is a key step which will lead you to a perfect sphere so don’t skip it.

Using a bowl gouge chisel round the edges and try to make an “approximate” semi-sphere, then invert the work piece and repeat the step for the other half.

Now that the ball is almost a sphere turn the ball with 90 degrees and ensure the equator line is on the rotation ax. Repeat this step until you reach a perfect sphere.

The ball is ready so let’s move to the rest of the parts.

Making the handle (aka. ken) is plain lathe turning technique, nothing fancy.

The middle part is easy as well, just pay attention to the right sizing. You need to have one “small” and one “big cup”.

After assembling all  the pieces the Kendama is ready !

2016-04-16 12.37.11




Wooden Sword in 20 minutes

This is a quick post describing how to build a wooden sword in a couple of minutes.

One day my son invited some friends. While the children’s were playing in the yard pretending that they are knights, it crossed my mind to make a sword. I already had a wood sword from one of my oldest project but I still needed the second one so the boys could ‘fight’ with each other.

The sword will have three separate parts: the blade, the hand protection part and the handle. All the three piece will be glued toegheter.

To make the blade I’ve used the circular saw (45 angle)  and cut off the edges. For the tip of the sword I’ve used the hand router with a 45 angle bit.

2015-10-09 18.31.07

To make the hand protection (sorry but I  have no clue how this call this piece) I’ve cut a circle on the band saw and used the lathe to round and sand the edges.

2015-10-09 18.56.242015-10-09 19.16.14

For the handle I used again the lathe and tried to model a real sword handle.

wood sword handle

When all pieces were done I’ve glued them together and applied two coat of finishing oil.

wood sword wood sword

… and here is the final product!

wood sword

How to build the Thor’s hammer

Have you heard about Thor ? If not, the short answer is that he is a superhero and also my boy’s favorite character.


Now, that we know who is this guy, we can take a look at his hammer :). The hammer is his gun and helps him to defeat the enemies. It’s clear that in order to become “Thor” you definitely need a hammer, so this is what I’ll describe in this post.

To building the hammer you need just two pieces of wood, but in order to make the things a bit more complicated I’ve decided make a hammer with some sort of integrated light, similar to a torch. The challenge was to hide all the wires and batteries as much as possible.

Let’s get to work:

Step1: to make the handle I’ve rounded a 5×5 cm piece of wood on the lathe then I’ve drilled an 8mm hole in the middle to hide the wire.

wood hammer  2015-09-18 19.48.56

2015-09-18 20.10.28wood hammer

The tail is also detachable, this part will hold the batteries.

Step 2: to build a hammer’s frontal part I’ve picked a 12x6x6 cm wood then I’ve cut the edges with a 45 angle router bit.

2015-09-19 14.42.522015-09-19 14.43.07

Step 3: the handle and the frontal part is ready, so it’s time to put all pieces together and to install the electricity.

wood hammer2015-09-19 15.17.032015-09-22 18.42.04

After finishing the assembling, I’ve applied two coats of wax, this will give a nice shiny look.

… and now here we are, the hammer is ready to use so you can start being a superhero ! My child loves it. The good part is that it also can be used as a torch too 🙂

wood hammerwood hammer