The wooden acorn

Today I’ll show you how to make a wooden acorn in a few steps. This is a really simple project, doesn’t requires to much practice just a bit of attention.

Let’s kick off.

Step1 – pick the material

I did a bit of research before I started this project and I’ve noticed that the guys from the youtube are using different kind of wood to build the acorn parts. A common practice is to use walnut for the acorn hat and maple for the acorn body.

Being my first project, I’ve decided to use what I had in stock and to build both parts from the same piece of wood.  I’ll picked a birch log.

2015-10-13 20.39.00

Step2 – make the acorn hat ( top part)

To make the acorn hat I’ve fixed the birch log in the chuck, rounded down to ~5 cm on the lathe and drilled a 35cm hole.

wooden acornwooden acorn

Once the hole was ready I’ve used the gauge chisel to make the shape of the hat and then used the a special chisel to apply some texture.

texturing chisel

After sanding ( 80, 120 and 220) I’ve applied two coats of light dark oak wax to get a brown color.

wooden acornwooden acorn

Step3 – make the acorn (the body)

To make the body I’ve pretty much followed the same process, but this time finished with a transparent wax to keep the natural color.

wooden acornwooden acornwooden acorn

Here we go, this the final acorn.

2015-10-16 06.50.10  wooden acorn