Walnut butcher board

You can find many butcher board on the internet posted all over the places, so I’ve decided that I have to make one as well. Recently I’ve bought some walnut lumber which was just perfect for this job.  I do not really like the convectional / rectangular cutting boards so I’ve designed one with an irregular shape and used the CNC router to perform the cut.

The walnut I’ve used was 15 mm thick and the size of board was roughly  15 cm x 30 cm (incl. the handle).

There is not much to say about this project as the machine does the whole job, so I’ll post a couple of picture from different stages of the process.

I’d like to highlight the fact to pay attention to the right finish. If your cutting will be used in the kitchen your finishing mineral oil must be food safe (non-toxic).

…. and the final product looks like:

2016-05-09 21.55.18