Garage tool cabinet

This post illustrates how to build a cabinet with 7 drawers to holds your tools in the garage. However this is not an indoor project, I’ve tried to use different joint techniques to practice the joinery.

I had some leftover pine wood in the garage corner which was just perfect for this job. The idea behind the cabinet was to build a pine wood frame and to use some 6 mm MDF for the sides and the back.

To build the frame I’ve decided to try out the below joinery:

2015-11-19 20.12.11

To get to this, first I did the dowetail joinery using and dowetail template followed by the tenon and mortise joint using my custom-made pantorouter (more details can be found here).

After finishing all pieces I’ve got everything ready to be assembled for the frame. But, before gluing the frame, I’ve cut a grove on the router table to lock the 6 mm MDF sides. This way the MDF will be secured inside the frame without the need of nails or screws.

Building the drawers

To build the drawers I’ve picked to use lap joint. I’ve never tried this type of joint before so it was just a good opportunity to exercise. I’ve already got from a older project the router jig, so I just had to use it.

To attach the bottom of the drawers I’ve cut a 3 mm grove on the circular saw table to accommodate a 3 mm thick MDF.

For the drawer pulls I’ve decided to make something quick so I’ve used a cove router bit to cut a concave edge then I’ve cut it ~10 cm length.

2015-11-28 13.02.13

Now, that all bits  are ready we can glue toegheter all the pieces.

I’ve almost forgot one important part ! I decided not to use any hardware because it’s expensive and probably not worth to invest to buy 7 sliders hardware in a garage cabinet. To build the drawer slider I’ve followed the tongue and groove joint principle so I’ve cut a groove on each side and mounted the “tongue” to the frame.

We are done! This is the final product. I hope you’ve found it useful.

2015-12-04 20.44.15