Iphone Retro Audio Amplifier

This post is quick tutorial describing how to make a retro audio ampifier for you mobile phone. The amplifier is passive so you do not need any electronics just the pice of wood. The project creates a replica of the Amplio product using beech wood instead of bamboo.

The amplifer is made of six 10 mm thick beech lumber layers. Each layers are cut out on the CNC router and then glued toegheter. The hole to fit mobile phone is a bit wider so you can use various mobile devices as long the speacker is at the bottom.

Cutting the layers on the CNC router

To have a perfect cut you need a CNC, otherwise you’ll have to build diferent templates to ensure you can produce equal pieces.

Before jumping to machining the workpiece, let’s take a look at the design.

The design is made in Vectric Aspire and has 6 layers. The first and the middle layers are two-side machined.

Once the design is ready just turn on the router and start the job. If the setup is correct you should end up with the below pieces.

After finishing all the cuts you should have six perfect layers you can glue toegheter.

Once the glue dried apply two coat of varnish and the amplifier is ready to be used.