Quick and easy nightstand

Hey ! This project is about making a nice nightstand very fast in just a few steps.

In order to speed up the work I’ve used prefacbricated  pine wood panels ( 40 cm x 200 cm ). All you have to do it’s just to cut the panels to right lengt and then to assembly the cabinet with some dowels,  most probably the quicked way to join pannels.

Photo 27-08-2016, 13 45 07

Once all the pannels were done, I’ve screwed the drawer hardware (it’s easier at this stage) and glued all toegheter.

I’ll skip the drawer making part, it’s nothing fency about it, I’ve just a standard lock rabbet technique.

Regarding drawers, I’ve payed a special attention to the drawer pulls, I do not like the old fashion traditional pulls so I’ve designed a  new “trendy” drawer pulls. The idea was to have an oval inset which holds the pulls. Precision is very importat at this stage so I’ve used the CNC machine to cut the oval and the pullers as well, but you can use a router for oval and handcut for the pulls.

I’ve very pleased about the result, I think it looks very original !

AFter putting all togheter and applying a couple of varnish the night stand is ready, voila!

Photo 10-09-2016, 08 10 09