How to make a rustic swing

Hi Guys, this post it’s about building a rustic swing. The execution is quite simple, everybody can do it, you need just a couple of tools and in a couple of days you are done.

The request for this project comes from my wife, she was desperate to  have a swing in our yard. At the first glance I had in my mind a big rustic swing with a single seat so all the family could sit next to each other, BUT my wife had a different picture in her mind :). She wanted to have a swing with two separate seats, one seat for each kid.

Ok, let’s get to work.

stock materials – I had no idea what type of wood I should use so I’ve asked a couple of friends and I’ve ended up using a hornbeam wood ( I hope I’ve managed to get the right translation, it not check out this here)

rustic swing – green carpinus wood

Next thing I had to do is to pile off the wood (the wood has to be green!) followed by some sanding until I’ll get a nice and smooth texture.  After painting you will get an amazing surface.

After selecting the right pieces I’ve made the two sides (“legs”), basically this are some simple triangles fixed with some screws (12mm minimum). The height is 2.5 m.

rustic swing leg

The next paragraph is focused on building the seat.

I had the option to build the seat based on metal frame or to use a rustic wood for the frame. I’ve chosen  the second option and I’ve reused the remaining rustic wood to create a frame for the seat.

rustic swing – single seat

After the paint dried I’ve assembled all pieces together and here we go !

rustic swing with two seats