Garden Sun Lounger

Hi guys, summer is almost here and all you need for your relaxation is a comfortable sunbed to enjoy the sunshine!

In this post I’ll illustrate how to make a foldable sunbed with curved deign for added comfort. The design doesn’t belong to me, I’ve tried to create a replica of the Bentley Garden Wooden Sun Lounger model available for sale on amazon.

I had no details about how to build the foldable mechanism, the legs or what should be the correct sizing for the curve, but after some measurement and prototyping I came up wit the following sketch which finally turned out pretty well.

2016-06-02 13.13.51

The trick to make it foldable is to ensure that both legs are curved and can be folded inside the upper side of the bed. The length of the curved side will indicate the height of the legs which will determine the height of the sunbed.

To make the curved edges I draw the curves using a stick and a rope and then cut out on the bandsaw. The measures for the curved edge are: 100  cm length x 4.5 – 5 cm width x 3.5 cm thick; the curve is 10cm deep in the middle.

To smoothen the edges I’ve used router table with a copy ring and a template. The template is screwed to the bottom of the workpiece so the copy ring will follow the curve ensuring your workpiece will be identical and will have smoothe edges.

The legs were build following a similar procedure. Each pair of leg were joined at middle with a tenon and mortise joint. To make the mortise I’ve used the drill press and a hand chisel.

The frame is ready for a test !

2016-05-11 20.39.37

The hard work is over, only the middle sticks are missing. I’ve needed 26 pieces of 5cm x  70cm x 1.5 cm. After mounting all together the sunbet started to looks like a lounger.

After applying some light oak stain and 2 coat of varnish the result was amazing.

…..and voala….

2016-05-29 11.50.04