How make a bowl out of cherry wood

Hi!  Following my first bowl made out of beech wood I’ve decided to make another one but this time I’ll use a cherry wood. The cherry wood has a nice texture compared to the beech and a red color.

Last time when I’ve visited my parents I’ve found a big cherry log  hidden somewhere in the back of the yard. It was full of cracks so I wasn’t sure that I could transform it in a bowl but I wanted to give it a try. I’ve took home the cheery log and with a chain saw I cut off some of the edges to get shape similar to a bowl.

cherry logchuck screw

I used a chuck screw to fix the wood to the lathe (for those who haven’t seen a chuck screw yet, here is one).

cherry log bowlwood cherry bowlcherry wood bowl

After a bit of work on the lathe using a roughing chisel I’ve managed to get exterior shape for the bowl. Unfortunately the cracks I’ve told you about were quite deep so at that moment I realized that there is nothing I can do to hide this crack. Of course I can ‘fix’ the by fill the cracks with cherry some sawdust but they still will be visible at the end.

Once the exterior was ready I’ve moved to the interior of the bowl using a gauge chisel.

cherry wood bowl

Once both outside and inside was done I had to fix the cracks.

Fixing the bowl wood cracks

To fix the cracks I’ve used some transparent glue mixed with some cherry sawdust resulted from sanding. I let the glue to dry and than did some sanding on the lathe again.

cherry bowl with cracks

Finishing the bowl

After fixing the cracks I’ve moved on the the finishing part. I’ve applied two coats of finishing wax using a clean cotton towel.

cherry wood bowlcherry wood bowlcherrry wood bowl

… and here we go, we have nice bowl made out of cherry wood.

wood cherry bowlwood cherry bowl