Amazing wood cup pads

Hi !

Back in December I’ve bought my first CNC machine and I’m very product to publish this post to show what I’ve realized until now. I’m new to the CNC word so it took a while to get familiar with the basics.

Introduction to the CNC world

Before I jump to the project I’d like to write a few words about the CNC.

For those who has no idea about what is a CNC here is a short description:

The CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is one in which functions and motions of a machine tool are controlled by a computer software.

My CNC is Chinese model, CNC 6040Z-S80 with 4 axis. This is not a professional machine but until now I’m quite impressed about its performance and accuracy.


The cup pad project

In this project I’ll illustrate how to create engraved wood cup pads. The design is created in a CAD soft which then is converted into a CNC machine language, called G-code. The G-code is  processed by Mach3 software which commands the CNC controller to executes the cuts.

For the stock material I’ve used 12cm wide and 8mm thick beech wood left over from my coffee table project.

 Step1: CAD design

I’m using Vectric Aspire 8 CAD software to create the design. After setting up the work piece size I’ve drawn a 10 cm diameter circle followed by the smaller inner circle, the text and image. The image has to be vector image otherwise the machine will not be able to perform the cut. I’ve took the image from google (“linear drawing” filter must be on) then converted it to vector in Aspire.


Step2: Execution

In term of execution, there is not much to say. Just secure the work piece and run the software to perform the cuts.

After rounding the edges and sanding, I’ve applied two coats of danish finishing oil.


Here we are, the pads are ready.

PS: in case if your are interested in the CAD or G-code files, just drop me a not, I’m happy to share…