How to build the Thor’s hammer

Have you heard about Thor ? If not, the short answer is that he is a superhero and also my boy’s favorite character.


Now, that we know who is this guy, we can take a look at his hammer :). The hammer is his gun and helps him to defeat the enemies. It’s clear that in order to become “Thor” you definitely need a hammer, so this is what I’ll describe in this post.

To building the hammer you need just two pieces of wood, but in order to make the things a bit more complicated I’ve decided make a hammer with some sort of integrated light, similar to a torch. The challenge was to hide all the wires and batteries as much as possible.

Let’s get to work:

Step1: to make the handle I’ve rounded a 5×5 cm piece of wood on the lathe then I’ve drilled an 8mm hole in the middle to hide the wire.

wood hammer  2015-09-18 19.48.56

2015-09-18 20.10.28wood hammer

The tail is also detachable, this part will hold the batteries.

Step 2: to build a hammer’s frontal part I’ve picked a 12x6x6 cm wood then I’ve cut the edges with a 45 angle router bit.

2015-09-19 14.42.522015-09-19 14.43.07

Step 3: the handle and the frontal part is ready, so it’s time to put all pieces together and to install the electricity.

wood hammer2015-09-19 15.17.032015-09-22 18.42.04

After finishing the assembling, I’ve applied two coats of wax, this will give a nice shiny look.

… and now here we are, the hammer is ready to use so you can start being a superhero ! My child loves it. The good part is that it also can be used as a torch too 🙂

wood hammerwood hammer