The wooden safe

Hi everybody!

This post is a bit different from the others because this time I just present the final product rather than detailing the building process. The wooden safe is one of my oldest project and unfortunately I do not have  too much intermediate pictures because I’ve managed to delete all when I’ve cleaned up my iCloud account.

When I’ve stared this project, I had no ideea that I’ll end up building a safe, my goal  was to build a  wooden gear after I saw a youtube video.

The wooden gears

Building a wooden gear is quite easy if you follow the right steps. First, you have to use a software to configure the gear, then you have to print out the gear layout and glue it to the wood. Once the glue dried, just cut the gear shape on bandsaw or scroll saw.

I’ve used the following gear generator software downloaded from


The software has a very self explanatory user interface, very easy to configure and in a couple of minutes you can design your gear project.

2015-09-13 19.21.41

I was so enthusiastic that after I’ve built the two gears I felt that I have to make something useful. This was the first time when the wooden safe crossed my mind.

Well, I started to build the box for the safe and I’ve mounted the locking mechanism based on the two gears to the front door. Of course the safe is not a “real” safe, you can open it just by rotating the gears, but it looks awesome. Actually I planned to integrate some sort of combination lock but my kids liked it this way.

I think I’ve said enough so let see the wooden safe!

wooden safe  wooden safe

I not sure if it’s visible enough so I’d like to mention the fact that all parts are made out of wood except the screws which hold the hinges and the gears. I hate screws so I’ve tried to avoid them.

After I’ve finished the project I was thinking why on earth somebody would build a wooden safe, what could be an advantage of building one ? …. and I’ve found an answer: “the wooden safe will never sink if you throw it in the water :)”

wooden safe