Wooden Sword in 20 minutes

This is a quick post describing how to build a wooden sword in a couple of minutes.

One day my son invited some friends. While the children’s were playing in the yard pretending that they are knights, it crossed my mind to make a sword. I already had a wood sword from one of my oldest project but I still needed the second one so the boys could ‘fight’ with each other.

The sword will have three separate parts: the blade, the hand protection part and the handle. All the three piece will be glued toegheter.

To make the blade I’ve used the circular saw (45 angle)  and cut off the edges. For the tip of the sword I’ve used the hand router with a 45 angle bit.

2015-10-09 18.31.07

To make the hand protection (sorry but I  have no clue how this call this piece) I’ve cut a circle on the band saw and used the lathe to round and sand the edges.

2015-10-09 18.56.242015-10-09 19.16.14

For the handle I used again the lathe and tried to model a real sword handle.

wood sword handle

When all pieces were done I’ve glued them together and applied two coat of finishing oil.

wood sword wood sword

… and here is the final product!

wood sword